Evil Minds: Dirty Charades! App Reviews

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A drinking game gem

This game is a little gem. The visuals are clean and the games concept is simple. Its a wonderful group game and an even better drinking game. Cant believe its free!

Great at a party

My friends and I have played this as a crazy fun drinking game and love it. So much fun! Also free to download. Cant get any better.


More than just something to download to get a deck on Evil Apples. Fun to play

Amazing Game!

This game had my pals and myself laughing for hours!


I really liked this game in the beginning. I pod for the updates, but I havent seen very many. Definitely not getting your moneys worth here like you do in Evil Apples.

Too cool

Never realized how stupid my husband is. lol

Evil minds

Great game. Played over the holidays with family and friends


Great game to play with the family and small children at the park.

So much fun!

This is a great game for a group of friends who dont mind acting silly and laughing until your sides hurt!

Get this game

Lots of fun, you will keep saying "one more round"


Actually turned out to be better and more funny than I thought it would be! almost wet myself laughing with friends while playing!

Better than Firefly

Look out Joss Whedon


With the high-performance functionality of the gameplay mixed with its easy/well constructed app navigation and expansions , this is the absolute hit.

Great game to play while waiting in lines

60 min wait for a roller coaster? No prob just open up Evil Minds to kill some time. Fun game to play!

Get it!

One of the best party games out there. Enable the "adult" words and play a couple rounds after a beer or two. Great fun

Naughty Fun

So naughty, so fun. New words keeps it fresh!

Only clue giver works

Only the clue giver option works for me.... I would really like to play the word guesser part but it wont bring me beyond the instructions on what to do with the phone on your forehead. Please fix, thanks!

So effin fun!

Im giving it 4 stars only because we kept getting lots of repeat clues, but overall this game is great, I havent played the clean mode because, why? But the adult mode rocks!

Tons of fun

So much fun! Great way to liven up a gathering!


Great game, my family loves this game.

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